My Story

Two and half years ago I was diagnosed with two chronic illnesses. I was terrified at what this meant for my future, but also grateful to finally have concrete answers after seeing forty-five healthcare practitioners over the course of seven years. I was so sick at that point, and could only tolerate 5 foods. As the months passed, I began to heal and slowly added foods back to my diet. I got creative in the kitchen, and fell in love with cooking all over again. Happy to say I can now eat everything, but I follow the 80/20 rule to keep my gut healthy.

I am a patient, a nurse, and a soon-to-be integrative and functional dietitian.

I am a patient, a nurse, and an integrative and functional dietitian nutritionist to be. I love creating recipes that make you feel good, sharing healing foods, and finding balance in nutrition.


I want to help you enjoy food again, to find healing in it, and to empower you with knowledge.

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Sharing all of my kitchen and wellness favorites that are clean, non-toxic and healthier swaps.