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Berry Tahini Smoothie Bowl

Berry Tahini Smoothie Bowl

🥥If you love tahini and coconut milk, you’ll love this nutty, creamy, and slightly sweet smoothie. It’s easy to make, and all you’ll need are 6 ingredients: coco milk, blueberries, blackberries, tahini, maple syrup, and toasted sweet coco. It’s healthy froyo, make it!😉

🫐I don’t normally like to have cold smoothies for breakfast too often (Ayurveda: cold puts out your digestive 🔥), but my body is really benefiting from frontloading good fats and fruits/veggies in the AM, as I work through the Klinghardt parasite protocol. I’m listening.


-1 c canned coco milk: I like Aroy-D best because it comes in a carton instead of a can (no BPA), and has no additives, sweeteners, or thickeners. I order it online.

-1 c frozen blueberries

-1 c frozen blackberries

-Maple syrup, to taste: @coombsmaple Syrup

-Drizzle of water, to thin a bit

-1 tsp tahini: @kevala is my fave, so creamy + nutty

-Shredded/toasted coco topping: Toast shredded coco in a pan on medium heat, until golden. Add a drizzle of maple syrup,m mix and continue to stir until the maple syrup has been absorbed. Remove from the pan, as it’ll continue cooking.

-Optional: vanilla extract/powder


1. Blend all smoothie ingredients in a blender until smooth and creamy.

2. Top with toasted coco and berries.


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