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Breakfast bowl

Breakfast bowl

🍳This breakfast bowl has it all. Such a treat!

🍚I like to make a big pot of sofrito rice (similar to Mexican rice) and black beans, and freeze them in small individual portions in baby food silicone freezer trays. It’s so easy to thaw them and throw meals like this together with these two dishes.

-Pasture-raised sunny egg (egg white is thoroughly cooked)-cook on low heat/covered with a bit of ghee x 3 minutes + sprinkle of sweet paprika and sea salt

Instant Pot Black beans (soaked overnight)

Sofrito rice with garbanzos

-Chopped basil

-Sliced sweet mini bells

-Spring onions

-Baby hash browns-grate Russet potatoes, cook on medium heat in a skillet with ghee until golden brown, add sea salt.

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