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Cherry Coconut Smoothie

Cherry Coconut Smoothie

I usually let my smoothies warm to room temp to keep my digestive fire alive (Thank you, Ayurveda). But today I made an exception.😉

🥤I don’t do well with citrus (except a bit of lime), so I’m always looking for ways to get some real food vitamin C in my life. Vitamin C is an all-around winner. It’s an immune system booster, promotes collagen formation, helps with iron absorption, supports the skeletal system, AND breaks down histamine.

😉What better way to get 20% of your daily recommended vitamin C and nourish your brain and digestive organs with good fats, than this cherry coconut smoothie? A happy gut means a healthy immune system, as it houses up to 70% of our immune system! Gut care is self-care.;)

You’ll need just 8 INGREDIENTS:

🥥½ c coconut milk (set coconut cream at top of can aside)

🌱¼ tsp vanilla powder

🧂Pinch of finely ground sea salt

🍒1 c tart cherries

🫐⅔ c blueberries

🌱1 tsp hemp seeds

🟢Lime zest

🥥Sprinkle of coconut sugar

Optional: chia seeds


1. Blend all ingredients except coconut cream, lime zest, and coconut sugar

2. Whip coconut cream with sweetener of choice (optional) and lime zest, and freeze for 15 minutes before serving smoothie

3. Optional: Top with blueberries, lime zest, chia seeds, or a sprinkle of coconut sugar. This smoothie is lightly sweetened with blueberries, but feel free to add a sweetener (if tolerated). SIGHI lists maple syrup as low in histamine, so that’d be delicious whipped with coco cream. IJS.😉

💗ENJOY! DM if you have any questions.


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