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Copycat Mango Peach Julius Smoothie

Copycat Mango Peach Julius Smoothie

🥭This has been my fave smoothie for the past few weeks, and I’m  excited to share it with you!

🍑It’s so easy to make, and it legit tastes like a Julius. As a kid, I used to dream of going to the mall to buy one. IYKYK.😉

🥤It’s creamy, smooth, a bit sweet, and packed with all the good stuff you need to start your day: good fats, fruit, protein, and minerals. You’ll need just 8 real food ingredients to make it: filtered water, frozen peaches and mangoes, extra virgin coco oil, coco cream, hemp hearts, Celtic salt, and a drizzle of maple syrup. You can top it with shredded coco (I love Let’s Do Organic Coco, from Sri Lanka, and the best I’ve ever had), or anything else you’d like.

💗I always feel amazing after having it. I hope you dig it.


1 ½ c filtered water 

1 c frozen mango 

½ c frozen peaches 

1 tsp extra virgin coco oil

2 tbsp coco cream (scoop cream out from the top of a @native forest Simple Coco Milk can-no gums or Aroy-D)

1 tbsp hemp hearts, @manitobaharvest

Pinch of Celtic salt (minerals)

Maple syrup, to taste @coombsmaple


1. Blend all ingredients in the blender on high, until smooth and creamy. Top with shredded coco, and drink up!


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