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Dill Pesto

Dill Pesto

🥗I love spring and summer salads, and using produce that’s in season to spruce them up.

🌿This dill pesto turned out so creamy, with just a hint of sweetness, making it my new fave. Who knew?!😆 You’ll need just 5 ingredients to make it: fresh dill and garlic, lime juice, sea salt, and olive oil.

🍲My favorite rotini for cold pasta salads is @tolerantfoods GF Green Lentil Rotini or @jovialfoods. Cook pasta as instructed on the box (don’t forget to add a little salt to the water so that the pasta doesn’t stick together). Once cooked, let it cool, add chopped red bell pepper and any other veggies you’d like, and dill pesto. Mix, and add an extra scoop of pesto on top to finish it off. That’s it, quick and easy.


Fresh dill bouquet, finely chopped 

½ tsp lime juice (½ tsp to keep it low histamine p/Dr. Beth O’Hara, but you can add more if tolerated)

Sea salt, to taste

2-3 garlic cloves (3 for that garlicky & spicy kick)E

Extra virgin olive oil (add little by little, until desired consistency)

Optional: top with crushed pink peppercorns 


1. Blend all ingredients, minus olive oil,  in the food processor until desired consistency.

2. Add olive oil, little by little, until desired consistency.

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