Gut Care is Self-care

I’ve had quite the gut health journey because of Chronic Lyme (SIBO x 2, Candida x 2, MCAS, and parasites ). I first shared this Fall 2020, and I’m updating it now, Fall 2021 because a lot has changed! I’ve gotten some questions about gut care, so I wanted to share the things that have helped me the most. An integrative/functional medicine approach has been the most helpful. I treated gut pathogens with antibiotics and antiparasitics, and am now gently restoring my gut health with herbs via Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is not medical advice, instead I hope this educational info will prompt questions and talking points to discuss with your doctor.💗

🥬I believe good health begins and ends in the gut. One of the largest international gut microbiome studies recently found that people who eat 30 different plant-based foods/week have more diverse gut bacteria. Gut diversity is like having insurance on your body, because it helps manage insults (diet, antibiotics, stress, illness). I’ve found smoothies are the easiest way to max out on plant foods, and love incorporating seasonal fruits and veggies.


Gut Support (formerly Restore) – soil-derived supplement that promotes an optimal gut environment (think of it as fertilizer for your gut). I take this before meals and at bedtime. My October GI MAP revealed my leaky gut healed, and is no longer an issue.

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Desert Harvest Aloe Vera – has been key in nurturing and restoring my bladder and intestinal walls.

PGX Daily Fiber Granules – soluble fiber supplement I take nightly. I’m not thrilled about the xanthum gum, but my gut loves this 3 ingredient fiber. It’s free of artificial preservatives‚ colors, sweeteners, dairy‚ gluten‚ wheat, and yeast.

Biocidin Proflora 4R – spore probiotic free of histamine-producing strains. Spores crowd out opportunistic bacteria, and have helped prevent a SIBO or Candida relapse.

Kirkman Labs Hypoallergenic Vitamin D3 – My vitamin D was 25 ng/ml when I was diagnosed with SIBO 5 years ago. Happy to report it’s now 55. Vitamin D helps regulate the immune system. I plan to take this indefinitely.

Classical Pearls Herbs – have single-handedly changed my life post-Lyme, and have been instrumental in slowly restoring my gut health after a year of IV and oral antibiotics. As they gently eliminate gut dysbiosis, my mast cells have calmed a bit more, and I’ve been able to reintroduce more foods. To be clear, I hadn’t been able to tolerate ANY herbs since 2013 when my Lyme troubles started. Pearls are so gentle, yet effective, and I’m blown away by the progress I’ve made in 4 short months.

Cooking with the following oils – to protect the gut, brain, heart, and reduce inflammation:

Cold-pressed avocado oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin coconut oil

Pasture-raised ghee*


*THIS BLOG/ASSOCIATED IG ACCOUNT DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and does not constitute medical or other professional advice. Reliance on any information provided herein is solely at your own risk. Consult a physician for any health concerns you may have.**


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