Coconut Ranch Dressing (low histamine)

🌿Ranch dip/dressing is my fave, and this coconut ranch brings all the creamy texture and familiar zingy taste. You’ll need just 6 ingredients to make it: organic coconut cream, garlic powder, onion powder, sea salt, fresh dill or cilantro, and olive oil. Eat it fresh as salad dressing, or refrigerate it for a couple of hours for that yummy dip consistency.

👩🏽‍🔬The American Gut Project looked at stool samples from over 10,000 citizen scientists from around the world, and discovered that individuals who ate 30+ different types of plant-based foods per week had a more diverse gut microbiome than those who ate less than 10. Research consistently shows that greater gut microbe diversity is associated with better health.

🌱I’ve been trying to get closer to my goal of 30 fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds/per week, and this dressing is making it easier. The gut controls it all, from mood to hormones and immune health. So if the gut is happy, well then so are you!

💚I’m on a quest to rebuild my gut microbiome after demolishing it with oral and intravenous antibiotics for Chronic Lyme this past year. Because my mast cells are so testy, diversifying my microbiome with real foods is the best approach for me vs. probiotics that might contain histamine-producing strains

🍎Do you eat 30 veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds/week? If not, have you gotten close? I’ll be trying to hit 30 this week, want to join me? I’ll be sharing in my stories, and we can check in at the end of the week in a post, so we can share how close we got + tips and tricks!

***🌈Different colors of the same veggie count individually toward your weekly total!***




1-1 ¼  tsp garlic powder, to taste

1-1 ¼ tsp onion powder, to taste

½ tsp sea salt + ⅛ tsp, to taste

¼ tsp dried parsley OR alternately you can use 3 tbsp fresh dill or parsley, or fresh cilantro to switch things up, finely chopped

juice of half lime

½-13.5 oz can refrigerated coconut milk (Don’t skip refrigeration (at least 8 hours, easier if you just throw it in the refrigerator the night before you plan to make it), this thickens it)

½-13.5 oz can refrigerated heavy coconut cream depending on how thick you want it (can add up to ¾ c), more to thicken just make sure to adjust seasonings if you add ¾ c. My fave is Let’s Do Organic Heavy Coconut Cream. Don’t skip refrigeration (at least 8 hours, easier if you just throw it in the refrigerator the night before you plan to make it), this thickens it.

2 drizzles of extra virgin olive oil (you can add little by little until desired consistency)

Optional: to thicken it and give it more of a tangy flavor, you can add a tablespoon or two of your fave yogurt. Adjust seasonings as needed.




1. Whip all ingredients (except olive oil) in a bowl with a fork until smooth and creamy.

2  Add olive oil, and whip again. Taste, and adjust seasonings if necessary. Store it in the refrigerator in an air-tight container for up to four days.




*If you can’t find heavy coconut cream, you can use the thick cream at the top of the can in coconut milk (please note this doesn’t work with coconut milk that doesn’t contain thickeners). You won’t get the same results, but it’ll be close. I usually order the heavy coconut cream online, since it’s hard to find locally.




*Use Native Forest Simple Organic Unsweetened Coconut Milk, as it’s free of additives and the can is BPA-FREE. The heavy coconut cream by Let’s Do Organic has only 1 ingredient: organic coconut cream, which is perfect:) I order it online, because it’s hard to find locally.

*½ tsp lime juice is low histamine per, and this recipe uses ½ lime=1 tsp lime juice, so don’t eat this all in one sitting:)

*Use fresh herbs only

*Don’t use yogurt. Stick to coconut milk and coconut cream.



**GF/DF/LOW HISTAMINE (I followed mastcell360 low histamine foods list very strictly initially, then added some foods from the SIGHI list as I began to tolerate more foods, all under the care of a dietitian. A low histamine diet is restrictive and not meant to be followed long-term, as nutrient deficiencies may develop).**






1 ¼  cucharadita de ajo en polvo, al gusto

1 ¼ cucharadita de cebolla en polvo, al gusto

½ cucharadita de sal marina + ⅛ de cucharadita, al gusto

3 cucharadas de eneldo o perejil fresco, o cilantro so gustas, finamente picado O ¼ de cucharadita de perejil seco

jugo de media lima

½ lata de 13.5 oz de leche de coco refrigerada (refrigera al menos 8 horas para espesar la leche). Lol más fácil es refrigerar la noche anterior.

½-13.5 oz  de crema de coco espesa (puedes agregar hasta ¾ taza para espesar el aderezo.mas, solo asegúrate de ajustar los condimentos si agregas ¾ taza.  Mi favorita es la crema de coco espesa orgánica Let’s Do Organic Heavy Coconut Cream. Refrigera al menos 8 horas para espesar la crema. Lo más fácil es refrigerar la noche anterior.

2 chorritos de aceite de oliva virgen extra (puedes ir añadiendo poco a poco hasta que consigas la consistencia deseada)

Opcional: para espesarlo y darle un sabor más ácido, puedes agregar una cucharada o dos de tu yogur favorito.  Ajusta los condimentos según sea necesario.




1. Bate todos los ingredientes (excepto el aceite de oliva) en un bol con un tenedor hasta que quede suave y cremoso.

2  Agrega aceite de oliva y vuelva a batir.  Prueba y ajuste los condimentos si es necesario. Guárdelo en el refrigerador en un recipiente hermético por cuatro días.




*Si no puedes encontrar una crema espesa de coco, puede usar la crema espesa en la parte superior de la lata de leche de coco (ten en cuenta que esto no funciona con leche de coco que no contiene espesantes). No obtendrás los mismos resultados, pero estará cerca.  Por lo general, pido la crema espesa de coco en el internet, ya que es difícil de encontrar localmente.




*Utiliza leche de coco sin azúcar orgánica como Native Forest Simple Organic Coconut Milk, ya que no contiene aditivos y la lata no contiene BPA. Para baja histamina, usa la crema de coco espesa que se indica, no la crema en la parte superior de una lata de leche de coco si usas una leche de coco sin espesantes (gomas) porque la crema no será espesa si no contiene espesantes. La crema espesa de coco de Let’s Do Organic tiene solo 1 ingrediente: crema de coco orgánica, asi que es perfecta 🙂 La pido en el internet, porque es difícil encontrarla localmente.

* ½ cucharadita de jugo de lima es baja en histamina según, y esta receta usa ½ lima = 1 cucharadita de jugo de lima, así que no te comas todo de una sola vez 🙂

*Usa herbas frescas nada mas.

*No uses yogurt, nada mas leche y crema de coco.


***Sin gluten/Sin lácteos/Vegano/Baja histamina***


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