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Red Bell Crema

Red Bell Crema


Half can coco milk, refrigerated (make sure you get some cream in there from the top of the can)

1 red bell, sliced 

1 yellow onion, sliced 

2 crushed garlic cloves


¾ tsp cumin + ⅛ tsp, to taste 

¾ tsp sea salt, to taste 

¼ tsp crushed pink peppercorns, to taste 

Pinch ground ginger, to taste 

½ tsp oregano + ⅛ tsp, to taste 

⅛ tsp garlic powder, to taste (optional?


Once above ingredients are blended, add 2 olive oil drizzles, 2 tbsp coco cream from top of coco milk can, and ½ lime juice (½ tsp lime juice is low histamine per, and ½ lime=1 tsp lime juice so don’t eat the whole thing!😆)


1. Saute onion for a few minutes on medium gear, in olive oil, until dark golden and slightly limp

2. Add crushed garlic, and saute for a couple minutes

3. Add red bell

4. Saute until onions caramelized (add more olive oil if veggies start to dry out)

5. Add food processor ingredients to processor, then add sauteed veggies

6. Blend until fully combined

7. Add olive oil, coco cream, and lime juice. 

8. Blend for a minute, then pour into a container and refrigerate for 5-10 minutes to thicken just a bit.

Make your own bowl with:


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