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Taquitos (Shredded Chicken or Potatoes)

Taquitos (Shredded Chicken or Potatoes)

I was craving taquitos for lunch, so I made some Instant Pot shredded chicken with fajita seasoning. So good!

🌿I topped all of this goodness off with microgreens and my sweet mini bell pepper pico de gallo (sweet mini bells, red onion, cilantro, sea salt, lime juice). A side of cilantro sauce is the perfect finishing touch.


GF tortillas

Shredded chicken or tender, cubed potatoes (seasoned)

Good Planet Mozzarella (VG/No allergens)

Avocado oil

Sweet mini bell pepper pico de gallo 

Cilantro sauce



Microwave tortilla for about 20s.

1. Fill GF tortillas with shredded chicken, roll them, and fry them on medium heat with avocado oil, until golden and crispy. If you’re vegan, you can fill them with tender/seasoned cubed potatoes (my faves growing up)


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