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Sunbutter Caramel/Caramelo de Mantequilla de Girasol

Sunbutter Caramel/Caramelo de Mantequilla de Girasol

So, sunbutter caramel happened this morning.😉

❤️Sauces are my jam, and this one is my new fave. It’s so creamy, with just a hint of sunflower, and subtle maple undertones. 

🍎It pairs perfectly with sweet and juicy Honeycrisp apple, Let’s Do Organic Shredded Coco, and Maldon salt flakes. 

🌱BRB, gonna go slather it on everything!


2 tbsp sunbutter

2 tbsp @coombsmaple syrup

1 tsp extra virgin coconut oil


1. Whip all ingredients with a fork, and warm for 10-30s before drizzling.





2 cucharadas de mantequilla de girasol

2 cucharadas de jarabe de arce

1 cucharadita de aceite de coco virgen


1. Bate todos los ingredientes con un tenedor y calienta en el microondas por 10-30 s antes de rociar.


***Sin gluten o lácteos/V/BAJA HISTAMINA***





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