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💜One of the questions I’m asked frequently is: what helped the most with histamine intolerance/MCAS this past year?

💚As you know, I treated Chronic Lyme this past year (with oral and IV antibiotics), which made it a feel like a bit of a free fall with my MCAS. I couldn’t stop treatment, and my mast cells were easily triggered by die-off, medications, SOT die-off, and pretty much anything else.


⭐These are the things that helped the most.

-Primal Tooth Powder @primalifeorg

-Acure Ultra Hydrating Eye Cream @acurebeauty

-Honest Shampoo & Conditioner @honest_beauty

-Ilia Beauty Eyeliner @iliabeauty 

-Spore-based probiotic: @biocidin

-Protect/nourish the gut: @ionbiome

-EMF protection: @airestech

-H1 antagonist (blocks histamine): @zyrtecallergy



-Mastcell360.com Lower Histamine Foods List

-Reintroducing a few faves (from the SIGHI Food List) once I was more stable: 

🥥Shredded coco

Maple syrup



🌱Biocidin Proflora 4r: spore probiotic to nourish and protect microbiome without histamine-producing strains

🌱Ion Biome: to nourish microbiome/prevent leaky gut



🧒Children’s Zyrtec (is lactose-free)

💊Compounded Cromolyn: have been able to reintroduce so many foods back because of this mast cell stabilizer


💚½ tsp lime juice

🖤Instant Pot Black beans  



⭐Served as a weekly system reset (really helped with detox, mood, sleep, and much more 



💄Switching over to toxin-free beauty/self-care:

-Primal Tooth Powder @primalifeorg

-Acure Ultra Hydrating Eye Cream @acurebeauty

-@alituranaturals Clay Mask

-Honest Shampoo & Conditioner @honest_beauty

-Ilia Beauty Eyeliner @iliabeauty 

-Spore-based probiotic: @biocidin

-Protect/nourish the gut: @ionbiome

-EMF protection: @airestech

-H1 antagonist (blocks histamine): @zyrtecallergy



🧴PE Hypoallergenic Vitamins

🧴Kirkman Hypoallergenic Vitamin D



(may cause mast cell degranulation)

⚡AiresTech Lifetune Device on my phone + turning phone off while sleeping



💜How can our bodies heal if we don’t address the root cause of histamine intolerance? Getting the diagnosis is half the battle (took me 7 years to get a Lyme/MCAS diagnosis, and 8 years for parasites).  For some, it may be as easy as addressing DAO deficiency (enzyme that breaks down excess histamine), while for others the root cause may be a viral or bacterial infection. For example, C*V*D, has been identified as the cause of MCAS in some patients, resulting in histamine intolerance. 

💚I’ve been asked if treating one infection helped more than treating the other (Lyme vs. parasites)?

⚕️Both were equally important to treat. I couldn’t have healed to the degree that I have without treating the other. Both Lyme bacteria and parasites trigger histamine release. Lyme suppresses the immune system, and parasites thrive as a result. In turn, parasites offer a hiding place for Lyme (so they can evade death as we treat). It’s a vicious cycle.

💉I’m waiting on my 🪱 retest results, and will share as soon as I have the results.

💜Did you notice an improvement in your histamine intolerance symptoms once you treated the root cause?

💉The second thing that helped the most this past year in the management of histamine intolerance/MCAS, was treating the root cause. For me that was Chronic Lyme Disease and parasites.

💚Decreasing the amount of Lyme bacteria I had in my body was crucial in decreasing histamine/mast cell reactivity.

💚”Mast cells contain over 200 different chemicals inside them, including histamine, and when we are attempting to fight off something foreign, I. This case, Lyme Disease, they explode or degranulate, releasing the chemicals causing inflammation.” – Dr. Tania Demsey

💚 Die off also triggers my cells, as toxind enter the bloodstream.

🪱Parasites trigger histamine release as well, and provide a hiding place for Lyme bacteria. Once I finished 🪱 treatment, I noticed my mast cells were less reactive.

💊I noticed a marked difference after treating for parasites with Klinghardt’s 8-week antibiotic protocol:








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