Burrito Bowl Board (low histamine)

πŸ₯£A burrito bowl board is the tastiest and easiest way to lunch/din, AND to pleasing everyone!


I put together my faves on a board, and it turned into a little feast:


πŸ—Taco-seasoned shredded chicken

🍚Coconut oil rice (slashes calories by 60%)

πŸ₯£Black bean soup/dip

❀️Red bell crema

πŸ’›Sweet mini bell pepper pico de gallo

πŸ§€@goodplanetfoods Shredded Mozzarella

πŸ’™@gardenofeatinchips Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

πŸ™ŒπŸ½@sietefoods Grain-free Sea Salt Chips

πŸ’šLime slices (1/2 tsp lime juice is low histamine p/mastcell360.com)

🌟Freeze leftovers when you make rice, beans, and taco-seasoned shredded chicken, and it’s even easier to throw this together during the week!




**GF/DF/LOW-HISTAMINE (I followed mastcell360 low histamine foods list very strictly initially, then added some foods from the SIGHI list as I began to tolerate more foods, all under the care of a dietitian. A low histamine diet is restrictive and not meant to be followed long-term, as nutrient deficiencies may develop.)**


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